Picture of Robert Foster

Robert Foster, is currently the resident performer at the Hax0r_Hav3n, in the heart of Puerto Rico's beautiful rainforest.

An Ableton Master Artist; educated at one of the most influential music schools - Berklee College of Music - Robert is also a "Ghostwriter" for Film Scores, Television, Advertising, Video Games, Dance and Chillout music.

(Ghostwriting is a common, long-standing practice for musicians to hire outside talent when they are too busy or otherwise engaged to work certain projects. The Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Frank Sinatra and Elvis have all utilized ghostwriters.)

Recent projects are heard globally on Silver Screens, Small Screens, Hotels, Games, College Film, as well as 2 of the largest Electronic Dance Music record labels on the planet. There is not a musical media form Robert is afraid to learn.

Robert's quiet, ethical and respectful Non-Disclosure policy; utilizing his unique talents has netted his clients world-wide recognition and chart-topping sales.

"I'm here to prove nothing; I enjoy music and that's it."

Unless touring, you can find him performing two nights a week with powerful and fun mix sets of Trance, House and Electro at the Hax0r_Haven.

"With today's technology, we should be able to keep working towards bringing amazing shows and experiences to everyone, whether you are here in person, or a million miles away, regardless of income, social status or even the ability to leave the home!"

Working with that concept, Robert donates proceeds from live shows to fund a free school which teaches music and a newly developed studio that allows artists to come and create music in a pure musical atmosphere, free of cost, no bills, no distractions, only music from the first note to final mastering. Currently, there are two "Think Tank Studios", one in Cheyenne, Wyoming and one in Puerto Rico.

In 2013, Robert's "1 play on my SoundCloud = 1 Dollar" charity provided almost $97,000 to underprivileged youth and emerging artists.

Every Saturday Robert broadcasts his live show Digitized Weekly directly from the club on Be sure to tune in or catch replays on Robert's Page on SoundCloud

"It is exciting to take my musical hobby to such an extreme level and push the limits of my education and abilities each time I go out. It is a fantastic, surreal journey that is extremely intimate, because I can share it with all of you on such a deep level. We have such 'instant communication' methods like Twitter and Facebook, so you (the listener) can choose that level of interaction, right up to talking directly to me as I work, if desired!"

"Honestly, being an artist... creating my own music or finding expressive ways to play great records for my friends is exactly where I am supposed to be. There is no clearer point of light - no stronger pull and sense of place and time than when I am right there with everyone sharing awesome music."

"I have been involved in playing various instruments all my life. My passion for technology has naturally paired with my love for music - and here I am - remixing and producing my own flavors of House, Trance, Progressive and Chillout."

"Innovators like Robert Miles, BT, Paul Oakenfold and Kimball Collins have forged the path for awesome music, while software suites like Ableton Live and Pro Tools have given us the vehicles. All we need to do now is follow our hearts, get in and drive to our dreams. I look forward to seeing you out there!"

Quick FAQ's from Robert and his staff:

Q: What in the world is Hax0r_Hav3n or "The Hax"?
A: It's a VIP venue in beautiful Puerto Rico, where people from around the globe come to have a night of great dance, music, food and fun.

Q: Why a "No Cameras" policy?
A: We host VIP's who come from all walks of life and even some places where Dance and Music is ILLEGAL! (Can you believe music and dance being illegal? It happens!) To maintain a discreet and comfortable, relaxing and entertaining environment, Hax0r_Hav3n asks all recording equipment be checked and left at the southern gatehouse entrance. "The Hax" can and frequently does have professional photographers on staff if you'd like photographs.

Q: What's the cost of a night at "The Hax"?
A: As of this FAQ post, it is $1500.00 USD pp/pn, which includes 5-Star food and drink. There are other overnight and weekend packages, including private jet and hotel accommodations.

(Note from Robert: "If these guys start a web presence, I'll have my webmaster update this with their website. Right now, the club is running capacity nightly, so I don't think they even need to be advertising... besides it keeps 'Razzis off the VIP's and gives a safe, secluded vibe.")

Q: What's a "Black Gloves Performance"?
A: Simple! Robert wears black gloves, and special cameras are mounted near the flashing lights of the keyboards and other performance equipment, so you can see all the "magic" of a real live show or simply sit back and watch the mesmerizing array of colors on screens throughout the venue. It's an artistic performance!

Q: What is "Ghostwriting"?
A: Generally, it means that Robert is writing music for other artists to perform it. This is a very common practice throughout time and the music industry. Generally, "famous" artists don't have the time while on tour to create music, or their schedule is too tight to make room for weeks of composition. This is where that artist would ask a ghostwriter to step in and provide some content that they can add to their own albums. The Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Frank Sinatra and Elvis have all utilized ghostwriters.

Q: What is "Ableton Live"
A: It is a professional music software suite with tools and instruments used to either create music "LIVE" in front of the crowd (in real time) or an artist can sit down and make a song from start to finish. Ableton is highly treasured for its flexibility; it can play with live musicians, pre-recorded "loops" or even stand alone as a platform for professional DJ's. Robert has spent his post-graduate degree focusing on implementing Ableton Live in many ways, including interesting attempts at using an Xbox Kinect controller as an interface for stage-performers. Read more here: Music Performances in Real Time

Q: How can I hear what's going on?
A: Enjoy the LIVE shows from Robert Foster locally or via broadcast, Saturdays - 10PM to 12AM (GMT), on

You can also become part of this wild journey: Follow Robert Foster on Twitter or Facebook!

All of us here at would like to acknowledge and thank:

All Hail Clothing for supplying us original apparel.

Hollister Co. for supplying us amazing "So-Cal" style wardrobes.

Gunnar Optiks for saving our eyes with amazing technology you can wear.

Guitar Center for supplying us with all the "bits and bobs of music".

Akai Professional for providing access to amazing equipment like the MPK, APC and MPC lines for production and performance.

Novation for providing the beautiful "Launchpad" MkI and MkII:

Focusrite UK and Focusrite US, the clear leaders of the audio interface industry:

AON for providing us global security - no matter where we travel to bring the world beautiful music.

NetJets for providing our transportation, on beautiful platforms like the Cessna Citation X

Most of all... Thank YOU... the fans, the friends, the family and the listeners; without your love, your words and your ears, music is void and without life!